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Saraspe Seafoods was built by a multigenerational fishing family based in San Diego. While we spend majority of our waking hours offshore, us girls in the family decided to provide some value to our incredible customers and clients. Withal, the daughters (Tanner, Nicole, Sarah, Molly, and Julia) in the family decided to start a journal filled with curated recipes, fishing stories, tips & tricks for the kitchen, in hopes of giving you a taste of who we are. We hope you enjoy! Find beginner to intermediate recipe tutorials created by our family on our YouTube channel.

Prawn Stock

Don’t trash the heads and tails! Freeze them in a resealable bag and use them to create this tasty Prawn Stock. This stock makes an excellent base for soups, stews...

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Simple Grilled Spot Prawn

Butterflied and grilled with a little butter might just be our favorite way to enjoy fresh spot prawns. If you’re not grilling, the same method can be achieved in the...

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Crispy Fried Spot Prawn Heads

Fried prawn heads make great party appetizers as well as delicious midweek snacks. Store them in the freezer and use them when you’re ready. It’s a tasty way to utilize...

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Summer Prawn Salad

  This salad was inspired by one we tasted on a small Sicilian island called Favignana. It's simple, unfussy, and can easily be made ahead and served cold straight out...

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How to Peel a Spot Prawn

For delicate preparations such as carpaccio, aguachile, or simple sashimi, we recommend removing the heads and shells from fresh, whole spot prawns. Don’t trash the heads and shells as they...

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