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Our family partnered with a third party "harvesters helper", "E-Fish". They are helping us with logistics for nationwide shipping to better get our products to homes and doorsteps outside of San Diego County. 

E-Fish originally launched to address the archaic ways restaurants procure seafood in the US. Not only does the industry currently function on literal pencils and paper, but the traceability of products is abysmal. While they launched selling seafood to restaurants like Jean-Georges, Esca, The Fulton, and Bellemore, they have since switched gears and are selling product directly to anyone in the US. That's right, literally restaurant quality seafood straight to your doorstep.  

In many ways, seafood gets treated like a commodity. Fishermen don't get paid more for taking care of their product or less for neglecting it, they all get paid pretty much the same amount. As a result, within the traditional market, there's little incentive for a fishermen to be hyper-focused on quality - It's just not worth their time. They creates that incentive for fishermen. E-fish provides a platform through which harvesters can earn better wages for their traceable, higher quality products.

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