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    $27 per pound for skin-on filet 

    (recommended serving size 0.5 lbs per serving)

    Salmon requires very specific conditions to ensure the quality of the fish. The Faroe Islands not only have a perfect climate, but they also have a very strong and unique current system which enables excellent seawater circulation around the vast aquaculture areas. Unlike many conventional salmon farms that feed their salmon synthetic pellets, Faroe Island salmon are fed live fish. This diet mirrors what they would eat in their natural habitat creating a superior final product both in flavor and nutrient density. Even though the Faroe Islands are remotely located, effective logistics management makes it possible to reach the US within 72 hours of harvesting ensuring the freshest product of the highest possible quality. This salmon has a very buttery taste and texture; coming as close to wild salmon as you can get. Because there are no antibiotics ever administered, Faroe Island salmon is especially popular among sushi chefs and high-end seafood restaurants. Salmon comes with skin-on in one-pound FDA approved cryovac bags.  

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