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Bluefin Tuna (Pickup Only)

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Price per pound: $22-23/lb

This product includes approximately 2, 3, 4, or 5 pounds of sashimi-grade bluefin tuna steaks. Bluefin belly or "toro" is also available for purchase. Belly will be delivered skin-on. 

USA Wild Sustainable Harvest Method: Rod & Reel

Your Fishermen: Charles Saraspe & Greg Gershman

Sustainably wild caught off the coast of California. Depending on migration, sizes normally range from 40lbs - 200lbs. However, due to the protection, prior exploitation, and means for conserving the delicacy of a fish, our rod & reel fishermen seek to harvest the mature, larger range, to allow the younger to grow and therefore conserve the species. 

Our sashimi grade tuna is a versatile fish that's a great choice for searing, poke, spicy tuna or simply serving raw. Your product will be delivered in a food-grade ziplock bag ready for consumption raw or cooked. This product is sashimi-grade.