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California Spiny Lobster

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California Spiny Lobster 

Current Market Price $19.00/lb (subject to change weekly with market price fluctuation)

Average Lobster Weight:  Approximately 1.1-1.4 pounds per lobster ($25 each). 

Live California Spiny Lobster are caught by our family off the coast of San Diego. They are harvested in traps by experienced licensed fishermen. This specie of lobster does not have claws, like their East coast counterpart. California Spiny Lobster have a significantly larger yield of meat in their tails than Maine lobsters. The meat is much sweeter and tender than East coast lobster. The fishery is regulated by length of lobster, gear types, and permitting. This harvest method produce minimal bycatch and habitat impacts leading the California Spiny lobster to be a “Best Choice” by Marine Stewardship Council.

Please note, each lobster varies in weight, therefore we are pricing accordingly by the piece at an approximate weight. Pricing is per the piece.