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Lobster Tail Removal

Posted on October 01 2020, By: Tanner Saraspe

Lobster Tail Removal

The lobster tail removal instructions are great for those interested in doing our Simple Lobster Bake recipe, or for those just simply wanting to utilize the head for stock.

For "same day" consumption, We recommend placing live lobsters in the freezer for up to one hour or in the fridge for up to SIX hours before handling.

Cooling the lobsters gently “stuns” them. This slows down their movement and makes them easier to handle.

Use a sturdy dish towel to grip the lobster, taking caution with the sharp spines. Set the cooled lobster, belly down, on a flat surface. cover with the towel.  

2 Place your dominant hand on top of the towel over the carapace (thick shell near the head). set your other hand on the towel over the tail. Use a firm grip to twist the tail and head in opposite directions. Before storing the heads break off one antenna. 

3 Set the heads in resealable freezer bags and freeze for later use (stocks & soups).

4 Arrange the lobster tail with its belly facing up. Now for the trickier part... But this is a skill you will have forever! Insert the thicker end of the antenna into the intestinal hole at the base of the tail, twist and pull. The intestinal tract should attach to the antenna and slide right out. Discard and repeat with additional lobster(s).