I am so thankful that the Saraspe's started delivering. I used to drive from Carlsbad every weekend to buy their fish.

Marie H.

What an awesome family business. Always friendly, always fresh and always a pleasure. Check 'em out. What do you have to loose?

John Q.

Andy's Spot Prawns are a must-try! Caution... you will become addicted. I have never tried anything like these before. I am a high orderer and would never buy from anyone else.

Hong L.

Legendary fishing family! I have known grandpa Lauro since we were young. It is very special seeing the family continue the legacy.

Donna W.

The first thing I think of when I hear, shop local… Saraspe Seafoods. As local as it gets.

Jerome E.

Hallelujah I found you guys! Live seafood, that doesn’t have to catch a plane, and comes from our backyard.

Arthur L.

The type of fishing family you read about in old fishing tale books. Simply authentic.

Greg H.

am a huge fan of low mileage seafood. Zero doubt this is as close as you can get. From dock to doorstep someday. Give me a break, is this real. I think amazon should step their game up.

Jared D.


Saraspe Seafoods was build to capture the voices of fishermen and women like ourselves, bring them together and strengthen and reactivate the seafood system because we owe this fight to our American Fishermen.

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