The San Diego Spot Prawn

A delicacy in Japan. Also known as “Amaebi“ or “Sweet Shrimp”.
Season: The season is closed November 1 through January 31st in Southern California to allow the prawn ample time to spawn. 
Harvest Method: Trap
Depth: They are caught in baited traps in deep cold water
Location caught: La Jolla Canyon, San Diego, Ca
Your Fisherman: Andy Saraspe.
Your Skipper: Charles Saraspe
Average pieces per pound: 7-10

Our mission is to bring awareness of responsible harvests and the importance of wild-caught seafood from your California fishermen and their families. Our livelihoods depend on sustainable food systems. Saraspe Seafoods is one of the few places you can get live spot prawn directly from the boat and the family that fished them. As of January 1, 1999, spot prawn became a limited-entry, restricted access California fishery. There are only 17 spot prawn permits in the entire state of California.


Saraspe Seafoods a third generation fishing family. 

Commercially fishing in San Diego since 1952.